Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a cornerstone of medical imaging and is essential in the diagnosis and monitoring of a variety of diseases. It is a recent field that has developed extremely rapidly, thanks to advances in technology and medicine.1

MRI is the technique of choice for evaluating many diseases because of its soft tissue contrast, high spatial and temporal resolution, and lack of ionizing radiation.2 A number of techniques are being explored to further enhance the diagnostic accuracy of MRI. Although not exhaustive, these include more precise scanning technology, computer-aided analysis of scans, optimized scanning protocols, and using injectable contrast agents to further enhance anatomical features and to help improve diagnostic accuracy.3

Innovation4MRI.com has been created to provide a source of relevant news about innovation in MRI. The information published on the site has been selected and reviewed for relevance, interest, and outstanding scientific value. The site provides information about 3 pillars of innovation in MRI: scanners (hardware) and image analysis and digital capabilities (software), image-enhancement approaches (including contrast agents), and sustainability (packaging).

Innovation4MRI.com provides summaries and links to research articles, recent reviews, public presentations, and video or podcast interviews with experts. These include interviews with academics and clinicians with expertise in radiology, as well as experts working in private industry. All the resources on the site have been carefully selected because they are particularly relevant to MRI enthusiasts.

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Innovation4MRI.com is sponsored by Guerbet, a world-leading innovation-driven company dedicated to research, development, and manufacturing of contrast agents and their accompanying technologies. We are continuously investing in research and development to improve our existing products and to create new products to reach currently unmet medical needs. Guerbet is a key player in the field of contrast agents and works closely with partners to develop the next generation of scanners–as part of the Iseult project4 – and is exploring the use of supercomputing in image analysis in partnership with developers working in artificial intelligence (AI).


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